Baroque Architecture.

Baroque Architecture is characterized by new explorations of form, light, shadow, and dramatic intensity.

  • In churches, broader naves and sometimes given oval forms
  • Fragmentary or deliberately incomplete architectural elements
  • dramatic use of light; either strong light-and-shade contrasts
  • use of colour and ornaments, plaster, stucco, marble or faux finishing
  • large-scale ceiling frescoes
  • an external facade often distinguished by a dramatic central projection
  • pear-shaped domes in the Bavarian, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian Baroque
  • Columns

France Baroque Architecture

external image 180px-Versailles_Chapel_-_July_2006_edit.jpg
Versailles’ chapel NEATO!

external image 250px-Chateau-de-maison-lafitte.jpg
Chateau de Maison near Paris by Francois Mansart (1642)

Spanish Baroque Architecture

external image 200px-Catedral_de_M%C3%A9xico.jpg
Catedral Metropolitana, Mexico City, started in 1573.

external image 200px-Capilla_Rosario_Puebla.jpg
Chapel of the Church of Santo Domingo, Puebla, Mexico.

Italian Baroque

external image 175px-RomaSIvoSapienzaCupola.jpg
Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza by Francesco Borromini

external image 200px-Mg-k_Basilica_Superga1.jpg
Basilica di Superga near Turin by Filippo Juvarra

Famous Architect's Works