Visual Arts

Baroque period art included conceptions of monarchy, iconography, handling of paint, and compositions as well as the depiction of space and movement. Many pieces were focused on the Catholic religion. They glorified the religion by making the churches and monarchies look spectacular and inviting to the viewers. The images' subjects had a powerful and influential appearance. The art generally included "exaggerated lighting, intense emotions, the artist's release from restraint, and even a kind of artistic sensationalism." people living in at that time. The art was very detailed in texture and realistic in colouring. Art from the Baroque period rarely reflected the lifestyles of the people living in at that time.
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The Concerto and Sinfonia forms were discovered in the Baroque period of music. Musical styles such as sonata, cantata and oratorio were flourishing at this point in time. Also, opera was born out of the "experimentation of the Florentine Camerata (the creators of monody) who attempted to recreate the theatrical arts of the Ancient Greeks." An important technique used in baroque music was the use of ground bass, which is basically just a repeated bass line.