Baroque Theatre

Baroque theatre is renowned for its dramatic flair and expressive prose within complicated plot lines. Its operatic tendancies produce suspense and drama within love stories, murders, and passionate affairs. The Baroque era started around 1600 in Italy and quickly spread through most of Europe to encompass royalty and serfs alike in its intense thrill. Many royals used Baroque theatre as a form of cartharsis to escape the dull and dry days of the rich.

Some Baroque Operatic plays:
  • Monteverdi`s Orpheus
  • Vatel
  • Farinelli
  • Calderon de la Barca`s Life is a Dream
  • Calderon de la Barca`s The Garrotte Better Given
  • Lope de Vega`s Peribáñez and the Commander of Ocaña

Baroque is often parodized because of its extreme drama and comedic flair for the serious. In reality it is the most respected theatrical style to date. Its excessive emotion cause the characters to be complicated to the extreme and the plot lines tend to have twists and turns only most intelligent of theatre-goers can follow. Its intensity make it an emotional roller coaster.

Some Famous Baroque Theatres

What The English Royal Theatre looked like
What The English Royal Theatre looked like

The Bricoleur theatre in England
The Bricoleur theatre in England

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