Graeco- Roman World.

Graeco- Roman World, are countries who are understood to have taken upon the culture, lanuage, religion and government of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Also refered to as the "Mediterranean World". This life style was not necessarily chosen by these regions, but forced upon them by many generations of Greek and Roman power. Hence how Greek/ Latin became the ultimate intellecutal language spoken. The regions influenced by this life style was mainly regions along the Mediterranean Sea for example, Britain to Hejaz, Atlantic Coast of Iberia to the North Sea of Sudan. Graeco- Roman World was first introduced into the schools, where they would learn about Roman Empires like Julius Caesar and Cicero. they also made everyone bilingual in Greek and Latin as well to make these languages dominant. Graeco Roman World was also responsible for altering the architecture as well, they began to build buildings and churches which were abundant in columns and size. There are two primary types of Greco-Roman architecture, Doric and Ionic. Examples of Doric architecture are the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens,while the Erechtheum, which is located right next to the Parthenon is Ionic.

IONICerechtheum.jpgDoric temple-hephaestus.jpg