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- The 1920s were known as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age.
- This was an age of freedom in young people's lifestyles that proved to be a shock to their Victorian Era parents.
- They wanted to escape the uncontrollably events around them – war, science, society – they found answers in places that their parents considered morally and physically wrong.

- Flappers: The Jazz Age brought on a new breed of women. They smoked, drank, danced, voted and had sex with multiple partners. They cut their hair short, wore skirts as short as possible, wore make-up and wanted a life full of risks.
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- Jazz Music: The style of music that most impacted the twenties was the blues and jazz. The African-American communities created the style and made it become so popular. The style was originally played in saloons and bawdy houses. In the southern United States, blues music was much slower than most music. The style that took over the life of the rebelling youth and Flappers was JAZZ! It was very different from the any music these young people's parents had listened to: loud and off-beat. The older generation believed the music to be a bad influence on American young people. It was blamed for drunkenness and deafness to an increase in unwed mothers.
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- Anne Shaw Faulkner, the National Music Chairman of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, wrote an article called “Does Jazz put the Sin In Syncopation.” Published in 1921in the Ladies' Home Journal. She explains:

|| America is facing a most serious situation regarding its popular music. Welfare workers tell us that never in the history of our land have there been such immoral conditions among our young people, and in the surveys made by many organizations regarding these conditions, the blame is laid on jazz music … Never before have such outrageous dances been permitted in private as well as public ballrooms, and never has there been used for the accompaniment of the dance such a strange combination of tone and rhythm as that produced by the dance orchestras of today.

Source: http://www.trailend.org/dow-jazzage.htm

- The crazy rhythms of jazz music brought on loads of new dances including: the Charleston, Black Bottom, Cubanola Girl and Tango Argentino, plus shimmies, toddles and trots. Animal dances also became popular on the dance floors. They were: Kangaroo Hop, Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug, and Horse Trot.

By Jess Jones