Modernist Philosophy

Modernism was a period of time in the 20th century that marked the age of realist revolt. The modernist philosphy was one that can be only described as shallow and encompassed the "All American Dream". This dream was one of social status, futuristic gadgets, perfect families, and shortcuts. A modernist`s number one goal was to gain all of these things, but in a short amount of time and with as little expense as possible. Modernist philosophy took over the entire world, from the America`s and Europe, to Asia and Australia. For this reason, the modernist movement was one of great reform. Everyone wanted the same thing, everyone had a perfect family and spotless but futuristic house, and if you didn`t you were a freak.

The classic modernist would recoil in horror at today`s society. Today, we believe in equality and saving what little is left of our Earth. In their mind, we would be trying to destroy their way of life. A modernist`s point of view was that they were the most important, their world was the only one that mattered, and anything that attempted to disrupt their world (even for the better of the entire earth`s population) had to be destroyed.

For example, sweat shops in Asia: A modernist`s point of view- "They make clothes for us and are getting money so it`s a good thing."
Today`s point of view- "Yeah but they get 3 cents an hour and if they try to leave they get shot."

So basically, what I`m saying is that the modernist philosophy is pretty screwed up.

The classic modernist philosophy
The classic modernist philosophy

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