Post-Modern Religion

Post-Modern religion is NOT an attempt to banish other religions, rather it is critically considering orthodox assumptions. Post-Modern interpretation of religion has an emphasis on the fact that religion and religious truth is very individualistic and subjective. The individual is the focus and strength of post-modern religion and they attempt to weaken groups and institutions. Post-Modern religion is a consideration that there are no universal religious truths and laws. Reality is simply created by history, society and culture with regards to the individual.

A Postmodern religion can be non-dogmatic, syncretic, eclectic, draws from various faiths and traditions and challenges the notion of absolute truths. (

Interesting Post-Modern Religions

The Church of Google

Beliefs: Googlists believe that Google is closest that mankind has come to God. Google should be given the name of God because there is more evidence supporting it as a divinity then there is for other more common religions.

Googlists have composed the nine truths for why it is God
Click Here to view the nine truths - the nine truths

Church of the Subgenius

Beliefs: The fundamentals of the Church of the Subgenius are the belief in the achievement of "slack", which is freedom, humor, money and luxury. These people celebrate many holidays for example Hate for the Sake of Hate Day.

For more information - subgenius


A boy wrote a letter to the Kansas School board about how his belief is just as credible as the belief in God.
The Letter